Trustworthiness and honesty are our essential values in our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relationships with our employees and all our business partners. The foundation of our understanding for operational excellence is based on the effective use of technology in all areas, simple business processes, defined system for business transaction, database-based and rapid decision-making systems. Agility and speed are our essential competencies.


We operate domestic and international activities in the light of The Constitution of the Turkish Republic and international law, and we work collaboratively with legal regulatory agencies and organizations.

We work with an approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of our customers as quickly and correctly as possible. We offer our services on time and on the conditions we promise; we approach our customers on the basis of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy. We are legally and ethically committed to protecting our customers’ all kinds of data and trade secrets.

We behave fairly and respectfully, and we take care of fulfilling our responsibilities on time as it is expected from a good customer. We strictly protect the confidential information of our business partners and the individuals and organizations we work with.

We compete effectively only in legal and ethical areas, and avoid unfair competition. We support studies aimed at ensuring the targeted competitive structure within the community.

The protection of democracy, human rights and the environment; education and charities are very important for us. We act sensitively on the social issues as being a good citizen, and try to take a part in appropriate activities on these issues. We are sensitive to the social, political and cultural values of Turkey and every region we serve. We make production with an approach that values the environment and nature and we contribute to create a better future than today.


Ensuring that employees’ personal rights are used in complete and correct manner. Not to share any private information about employees with third parties without the employee’s consent and information, except for legal obligations. 

Approaching employees honestly and fairly, and providing a non-discriminatory, clean, safe and healthy working environment. Evaluating and responding to employees’ opinions and suggestions and developing motivation-enhancing strategies. 

Seeking employment suitability to work is the only criterion in recruitment and employment, providing equal opportunity without discrimination. Bringing the most qualified young people and experienced professionals who will take our company further. Making an effort necessarily for the individual development of our employees, supporting and providing opportunities in terms of career development.

Supporting employees’ talents, power and creativity. Providing fair and competitive wage policies, effective and objective performance evaluation systems and practices. Creating a sense of belonging among employees by providing  equal opportunities in reward and promotion.

Create and sustain the working environment where cooperation and solidarity are the most important elements, encouraging transparent and mutual respect. Being respectful of human rights by providing a peaceful working environment. Not tolerating harassment and mobbing in the workplace and protect and support the Whistle-Blowers within the disclosure process.

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