Weaving; the products obtained as a result of warp and weft yarns crossing under and over each other, in a certain order. They are used in many areas, mainly textile, for product promotion and advertising purposes.

The woven label is indispensable for every company that trusts its product in terms of quality and attaches importance to brand prestige. The woven labels including company name, model, size and washing instructions are used on all textile products to advertise the product. They are used in product decoration as well as brand promotion. Since woven label is your face that is visible to the customer, working with a company that has proven its expertise is the right choice for your brand.

Types of woven labels; Taffeta weave, weft-satin weave, cotton weaving Types of cuts and folds; Cold cutting, hot cutting, edge folding, butterfly folding, ultrasonic edge cutting.

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